Plan lessons, assessments, interventions and connect to the Common Core alll in ONE place!

Submitted 9 years ago
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My Take

I like the streamlined effectiveness of Metria. It could help teachers save time and keep track of lessons, grades, student progress and the Common Core standards all in one place. In theory, Metria Learning seems like the "silver bullet" to managing lesson plans, common core, and differentiation. When I tried to download the free version though, I noticed that I needed to have Microsoft Word 2013 and an online account with Microsoft. Not only do I not have that, but we do not have it at school on our computers. Also, to take advantage of what seems like one of their most interesting components-to be able to share your plans and work collaboratively with other teachers, the school would need to have a demo scheduled. The price for the "School Improvement Edition" is not listed. Honestly, I would just be interested in the free download for an individual teacher. Hopefully they will find another way to make it available other than Microsoft Word 2013.

How I Use It

Planning these days as a teacher seems like an impossible task. We must write each Common Core standard that is covered in each lesson and assessment. We must also document who has become proficient and who needs more interventions. Add this in with all of the other duties a teacher has on a daily basis and it truly does seem impossible. Metria Instructional Designer seems to be a tool that can help teachers minimize the time they take in completing these tasks. All of the standards are available for drag and drop. You can show other teachers, parents or your principal where students are currently just by opening up the program. Gone are the days of multiple folders where you are taking notes on students and can never seem to find them when you need them. With this program you can type it in the same place as you store your lessons, standards, and assessments. Teachers will quickly know who needs to be met with for further assistance.