Lessons, Assessments, and Mapping - Oh my!

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

This is a useful program for educators interested in seeing how their lessons, assessments and re-assessments after intervention have worked. Metria is a data-driven program that will hopefully allow teachers to see results quickly and help students remedy their proficiency as quickly as possible when needed. One thing that could serve teachers better is if Metria allowed teachers to share units and data with one another, as it is just set up to share data with administrators and parents. Particularly in the case of curriculum mapping, it is important for teachers to be able to share and coordinate lessons with one another. Lastly, I believe that if students and parents were able to see their progress, they would need a little education on Common Core standards and what being “proficient” in any given topic means. There should be support for parents on the Metria website so they can better understand the program the school has chosen to use.

How I Use It

Metria offers a comprehensive program that allows teachers to curriculum map, lesson plan and collect student data all in one place. This is definitely useful for the many teachers that find themselves recording these things in three different places. When used in teaching, Metria will allow teachers to easily incorporate Common Core standards into their lesson planning, by simply dragging the standard and dropping it into the lesson plan. Teachers can add notes to students who need interventions so they can become proficient and the program produces great reports that show where students are at in regard to the assessments and proficiency. This is a program that will lighten the load of a busy teaching trying to adapt to Common Core standards and include them in each lesson plan.