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No-frills targeted practice for range of abilities, needs more instructional support

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Character & SEL, Critical Thinking, Math

Price: Free
Platforms: Android

Pros: Kids can create customized quizzes to practice fundamental math skills related to arithmetic, fractions, and number sense.

Cons: The quizzes are monotonous and there's no detailed feedback or hints to support learning.

Bottom Line: With some limitations, a quick, easy, and free way for kids to practice important math skills.

Math Quiz is not instructional, so kids should have prior knowledge of the math concepts. Use it in the classroom as a practice or enrichment tool. Choose a content area for kids, and recommend that they start on the easiest level. Have kids finish a 10-question quiz and keep track of their scores and times. Challenge them to retake the quiz and improve either their scores or their times. Once kids individually reach a score of 100%, have them move to the next difficulty level.

Math quiz is exactly what it sounds like: a quiz tool to help kids hone their math skills. Kids can choose from three content areas: arithmetic, fractions, or counting. Once they choose, the Settings screen appears. Here, kids select a level (easy, medium, or hard), choose the number of questions they want on a quiz (from 1 to 50), and turn the sound on or off. Then kids start the quiz, which is scored and timed. Scores are displayed immediately after kids finish a quiz, and kids can then reset and start all over.

A button on the home screen links to an outside website. The site is educational, but oddly, its content is way above the level of the app's target age range. There is also a link on the app's home screen to view videos, but at the time of this review, the link was not working and the videos would not load.

It's great that kids can continue to challenge themselves by customizing the content and difficulty level of the quizzes, and most kids will enjoy seeing their scores and times so they can try to improve. However, there's no way to store or review past scores, so there's no way to get hints, earn rewards, or otherwise track progress. Another frustration is in the fractions content area. If kids enter a fraction that is not in simplest form, they get the answer wrong, even though the directions do not ask for the answer in simplest form. This can be confusing, especially for kids who are just learning about fractions. Incorrect answers are shown in red rather than green, which immediately shows kids what they got wrong. However, the app misses an opportunity to show them why they got it wrong and to give them a chance to learn from their mistake.

Overall, this is a solid tool for targeted practice with arithmetic, fractions, and number sense, but kids should look elsewhere for a deeper understanding and step-by-step instructions on the math concepts at hand.

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Fun, quirky design is appealing, but the quizzes are monotonous and a reward system is lacking.


Kids can customize practice, with three difficulty levels and quizzes ranging from 1 to 50 questions. The app is meant for practice rather than instruction, but step-by-step feedback or sample problems could improve learning.


Quizzes are scored and timed. Hints could provide more support for struggling kids.

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Math Quiz...Not anything out of this world.

I find myself in an unusual situation. I always find positives in apps, but I struggle to see any here. In truth, I was really disappointed. The app forced closed many times (more than it would load correctly). When it did load I was surprised to see thattThere are only 3 different games to play, and they are not very engaging. The keypad is laid out in a way that errors occurred often (even when I did it). In addition, upon every startup there is an ad for "Game of War". I just did not see much positive in this app. Sorry...I would save time and stay away from this app.

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