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Dry but adequate math quizzes enhance speed

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Character & SEL, Critical Thinking, Math

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Pros: Empowers kids to control their own calculation mastery using competition and scores.

Cons: The content lacks depth and extras that would give it a boost.

Bottom Line: Solid but pretty dry interface offers kids decent practice with some flexibility.

Math Attack Pro empowers kids to increase basic calculation speed and, of course, accuracy. High-contrast blackboard-and-chalk graphics work well for older kids but don't leave younger ones behind. Plentiful controls keep kids in the driver's seat. An old-fashioned “ding” sound indicates correct answers, and the device gently vibrates with incorrect ones. Scoreloop and heyZap scoring networks may be motivators for teens with accounts (and permission to post to social media), but younger kids can content themselves with the basic and advanced stats kept by the app.

Kids should start in practice mode, slowly including more operators and increasing number of questions, then move on to timed or race mode. Survival, three strikes, and rounds modes should be saved to cement mastery. Kids can save their results, retry, or save to scoring networks (for ages 13 and up) at the end of each game. High scores for each game are available from the main menu, and unique usernames can be entered at the end of any game.

In practice mode, kids indicate number of questions and choose operators, powers, or "multipart" (two-step expressions with parentheses). Timed mode gives kids 30 seconds per expression; survival mode gives them 30 seconds for all 10 items in a quiz; race mode counts up the time to complete 25 or 50 items; and rounds mode ends if more than one answer is incorrect or time runs out. Each question page has one expression with four multiple-choice answers and information about progress, time, and score.

Lots of options allow kids to customize the experience. Unfortunately, content is limited to the four operators and exponents, and levels of difficulty only ramp up to double digits or multistep expressions. Overall, Math Attack Pro is great for older elementary kids who haven't yet cemented their calculation skills or younger ones who want to get a head start.

Downsides: a lack of depth of content and perhaps some reference tables or memorization tricks. More math concepts at the upper-elementary level would boost overall value.

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Old-fashioned blackboard-and-chalk theme is slightly dry but provides good visual contrast. The app offers a variety of game modes such as Practice, Timed, and Survival for kids to choose from.


Simple encouragement, essential skills, clear results, and lots of options for kids to control all contribute to the experience. Basic math concepts are covered without a lot of depth.


The help section explains the games (though not perfectly). The app's accessibility is enhanced by the high-contrast visuals and various options for controlling the experience.

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A strong option for practicing math foundations.

The graphics are basic, using a chalk board for the problems and answers. Does a nice job with generating info for the students: percents, last 25 plays, and has an achievement board that motivates students.

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