Attention getting informative videos for 3-8 grade math

Submitted 3 years ago
Carla M.
Carla M.
Pandora-Gilboa Local School District
Pandora OH, US
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My Take

I will continue to use this. It can be used as a great interactive tool. The presentation is affective and appears personal to the viewer. The lessons are relatable and clear. I am so glad to see something presented in a format that is not entertain based with puppets for this age group. This appears to respect the child of early-middle school age to high school. The presenter is engaging and the lessons are extremely tailored to the topic. They keep the interest and attention of the learner all while moving at an appropriate pace. I was so impressed with this program I shared it with my fellow teachers. This would also be a great value for parents to have at home for review before a test and homework help.

How I Use It

I taught summer school which consisted of reviewing and for some, they were sure they had never been taught it before. I found the free examples by accident when doing a search for YouTube videos on certain math procedures. The explanations are on point being concise making them easy to follow. I was able to stop the video, practice. review and help the child with the "lost look" catch up with the process. The 2nd week of summer school the students were asking for the videos, now whether this was to delay doing work or for review, I didn't care, they connected with the presenter and paid attention.