Teacher tool for Summary or a Hook for a Lesson

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

It is fun and fairly intuitive. Younger students would enjoy this as much as older students. Students would need to have an email address for a log-in which makes it difficult to use in some elementary schools. The videos that can be created on the basic level limits the length to less than two minutes. Getting more features by purchasing the upgraded app does not make economical sense to me. Although the app should have the capability to upload the video that was created to Facebook and other sites, it would not upload on my phone. The videos are very short. I would use it more if it had the capabilities of looping the video.

How I Use It

This app is a useful tool for a teacher librarian to use to document lessons or to summarize a lesson for the class. A classroom teacher could use it to document the day and show the movie just before dismissal. I used it and my Ipad. During class I took a variety of videos and pictures of the class doing an activity. At the end of class I showed the video. It made a great summary of the events. The following week the video would be used as a hook or as a review from the previous lesson. If a classroom has at least one Ipad for student use, students could take turns using the Ipad to create a summary of the day. The students thought it was exciting and wanted to know the name of the app. Some with smart phones started creating personal videos.