A great place to start kids thinking about coding and computer science!

Submitted 7 years ago
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My Take

I love Made with Code and I think that it uniquely doesn't just present coding activities or games but also showcases where the "magic" happens so that girls, specifically, can see themselves in the work. I do have to say that the activities aren't updated as often as I would like and could also stand to have multiple entires, beginning-advanced. The reality, though, is that it isn't meant to be long term stand alone curriculum but is meant to be short spurts of ideas to show what can be made with code and it does that very well.

How I Use It

Often times, young kids, especially, girls do not see the application of computer science through a real world lens. Made with Code changes that and includes not only cool interactives but vignettes of women in various fields applying CS skills in amazing ways. I love to use this as an intro into "Why CS" for both small group and full classroom settings.