Made With Code is a great place to inspire and get students excited about computer programming.

Submitted 8 years ago
Lionel B.
Lionel B.
District Technology Coach
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My Take

Made With Code is a great starting point for bringing computer programming into the classroom. Teachers will see how excited students become when they complete a project. However if a teacher's goal is to start a computer programming curriculum they will need to use additional resources. The Resource section does provide more advance activities through partner websites such as Scratch and Mozilla Web Maker. But there is no true instructional tools available on the website.

How I Use It

I suggest to the teachers I work with to use Made With Code as a way to get their students interested in computer programming. There are series of activities that all students can complete no matter what their skill level. The puzzles are broken down into specific steps to complete a basic task. Even if students are not on a high reading level they can determine what actions to take based on the interface. The most valuable tools on the site are the videos available in the Mentors and Makers section of the website. Teachers can use these videos to demonstrate how computer programming is a skill that can be used in a number of different careers, not just software development. The students can then complete the activities in the Projects section at their own pace and based on which one interests them the most. The students will learn the basic concepts no matter which project they choose.