Fun and interactive way to create and share illustrated stories

Submitted 7 years ago
Jessica G.
Jessica G.
Thayer Central Elementary School
Hebron NE, US
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My Take

My overall opinion of Little Bird Tales is very positive in that it stretches the students and challenges creativity as well as allowing them to create a more in depth story orally, while emerging and beginning readers are limited with writing skills. The app is more user-friendly than the website- this is something to keep in mind. It also takes time to load, so patience is necessary.

How I Use It

I use Little Bird Tales for as an interactive way for my beginning and emerging readers to share the stories and illustrations that they create. They are able to record their story and illustrate the story at the same time. We can use these videos to show growth and share with each other. It is a good way for students who are not expert writers to tell their stories orally. The only downfall is the amount of time that it takes to record and illustrate each story for your students if they are not in a 1 to 1 classroom. We use this for an extension in reading and writing. My students are able to save and share their stories as well as track and compare stories to see progress and growth.

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