Helpful tool for early literacy

Submitted 8 years ago
Stacy B.
Stacy B.
Davis Academy
Atlanta GA, US
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My Take

This website takes more of a Montessori approach to early literacy. The navigation of the website can be confusing at times but once you explore it a bit, you become more comfortable. Some aspects seem more advanced than others. For example, filling in the blanks with the Crayola colors for words like "orange" is more challenging than the word "red". Therefore, there is some inconsistency within the activities in terms of levels.

How I Use It

I used it for early literacy practice, such as letter recognition and familiarity with uppercase and lowercase letters. I didn't like how you drag the lines to represent the letters as that is very different from how we teach in Handwriting Without Tears. However, for some, it may be effective. I would recommend this website for very basic introduction to the alphabet and numbers.