"Research proven" way to create a "reading to learn" student from K to 5th grade.

Submitted 8 years ago
Kirstin  S.
Kirstin S.
Cabell County Schools
Huntington WV, US
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My Take

This tool is a must-have for this level. Imagine the leaps and bounds that could be made in reading instruction at this crucial age set. Students are given personal pathways of learning and the teacher is still able to maintain creative control of the learning process using data-driven information provided by the program. This website is attractive, engaging, and pedagogically perfect for instruction. The platform is user-friendly for teacher and student.

How I Use It

At this paricular programatic level (K-5), I would integrate Lexia Learning Core 5 into reading centers where the teacher can provide diect instruction at one center, independent work at another, and have a small group on a set of classroom computers working on the online component of the program. The teacher will use the realtime scores from the online component to provide scaffolding (intervention and enrichment) to students in small centers.