Learn the process of creating pottery in a Fun, Relaxing, and addicting way!

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

I love this app to teach students the process of throwing pottery and as a stress relief. It's fun, educational and a must on all ipads!

How I Use It

In the art classroom, we used this app to explore the pottery making steps. We do not have a kiln and are unable to create pottery in real life. For many schools it's a very expensive and messy process.

The lesson
I introduced my students to Greek pottery and explained the many different shapes and uses. We then used google classroom to explore Greece. Students used the app to throw pottery on their own wheel. Students are able to pick up on the process very fast! This app allows students to gain an understanding of the work flow and process of creating pottery.

Students Thoughts
This game is loved by my students and their parents. You know its a great app when parents stop you in the halls to tell you how much they love the app too! I've had this app on my ipads for three years, third year art students are still using the app regularly!

Crashing problems:
If you are having problems with the app crashing, turn off the wifi ..easy fix!