Great weekly intervention tool in addition to use for classroom lessons!

Submitted 2 years ago
Tracy T.
Tracy T.
Havana Junior High School
Havana IL, US
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My Take

I love the options available with Legends of Learning, but there is a learning curve to figuring out the best way to use it in a class setting. Some games are great for review and reinforcement, while others are better for instruction.

The biggest challenge I have is getting my students to slow down and read the information presented. They like to click through the reading parts and just get to the games/activities. I love the games that make them use what they read to answer questions -- and make them get the correct answer before they can continue. My biggest tip for newbies is to try all the games you assign in a playlist before assigning them to a class - you'll figure out where the students will get stuck and be able to offer help to ensure they are successful.

Depending on your school's internet capabilities, you may find issues with the games loading or freezing during play, which can be very frustrating for students and teachers. Overall the positive aspects of the program far outweigh the negative ones. The Legends team is very responsive to any questions or tech issues.

How I Use It

I use Legends as a weekly intervention tool - some topics that we've covered or new ones that are scheduled for later in the year. I create playlists for each week with 2-3 games plus a 10-question assessment. Students earn a grade based on completion as well as chances to prizes if they are in the top 10!

For some playlists, students are required to fill out a note worksheet/journal as they play the games, which are used during lessons. Other weeks they just complete the games and I use the questions most often answered incorrectly for class warm-ups or during lessons to reinforce the topic. The data from the games and/or assessments is one of the best features of Legends - it provides great insights into what students know or do not know. These insights help me tailor extension lessons to target those gaps as well as helps me determine which lessons/activities I will need in upcoming units to address concepts they do not know.