Become a legend to your students- make teaching fun with Legends of Learning!

Submitted 5 years ago
April T.
April T.
North Carroll Middle School
Hampstead MD, US
My Rating

My Take

Legends of Learning is a good teaching tool. I like how engaged kids are when they are playing. I like the ease of use of the teacher dashboard for keeping track of student progress and on-task behavior. I think it serves the students of today because it's teaching them in their sweet spot- technology-based acquisition of information in a fun and entertaining way. It's almost like tricking them into learning!
The only drawback in my opinion are some of the technology glitches- the program will only run with certain web browsers and can be difficult to load at times. I would love to see the LOL platform eventually available on personal devices.

How I Use It

I use LOL in a variety of ways. It can be used to introduce material to students- engage them up front and get them to take ownership of their upcoming learning. I have used it as method of instruction, making sure that students have guided questions up front to scaffold their learning, and to review after they have played. I use LOL as a review tool, and have used it as a reward in my classroom as well.