Great interactive games for introducing and reviewing a topic

Submitted 5 years ago
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My Take

After playing and testing out the games for myself BEFORE any of my students played them, I truly felt like this was a great tool to use for reviewing and introducing science topics to 6th graders. It is difficult to hold their attention with material that they may not be familiar with, so using gaming helps a lot. I like that the students can earn points as they continue through the levels of the games. I also like that teachers are able to earn points as well. I believe this tool can serve kids (ELL, low-level) in ways that teacher-led instruction cannot. It makes my teaching better because I am able to monitor each student's progress and see what areas I need to re-teach based on the real-time data given as students play the games. I also like that when students miss something from the game, I'm able to add review questions throughout the game as much and as many as I want before they can move on. As long as the internet is working in the school, the students are able to play the games without any freezing of the screens or issues answering the questions.

How I Use It

When I first began using this product, I used it as a review before any unit exams. After seeing how much it engaged the students, I decided to use it as an introduction to new units to see if it warded the same results. The only troubling issue was some of the games would not load after the introduction page loaded. Some of the games were a bit difficult to understand because of limited instructions on them.