Science Comes Full Circle With Learner Driven Games

Submitted 5 years ago
Richard W.
Richard W.
Griffin Middle School
Smyrna GA, US
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My Take

I believe this is the most appropriate learning game platform that I have ever used. While games like Kahoot!, Quizlet Live, Quizizz, and Quizalize are awesome and engage students, the primary driving factor is rote memorization of the questions and facts. With Legends of Learning the game play is secondary to learning the topic, and they are learning the topic more deeply in order to perform better in the game. Many of my students do not even realize they are learning, and the flexibility to use this within the workshop model we use in our classrooms really makes it a great tool.

How I Use It

I have used Legends of Learning as an extension of my teaching practices. Incorporating it into my lesson introductions, primary learning activity for topics, and extensions for those moving faster or ready to move on. It has changed test prep for my students by allowing me to group and regroup based on data from the games. For me getting technology has not been an issue, but for some of our teachers it is. The only negative is not being able to see or adjust questions before students play the games. I have found the questions in the games to be right on point most of the time, and the company is responsive if there is an issue.