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Get better workers, how do you manage to have workers that write like they are dyslexic and stutter in their writing. I could use learnzillion to put people to sleep and give them depression at the same time. I thought this would be a good platform but teaching this made me rethink my life choices. I always had hoped that there were some good people out there but after seeing the lessons provided on this site I have no hope for humanity anymore. Engilsh majors have read your tests and proved your questions to be completely untrue and idiotic. If i were in charge of this company I would shut it down for child abuse. The only hope left in the world is for learnzillion to be shut down, you are producing a generation of idiots that cannot form a sentence without stuttering. My child has literally no comprehensive ELA skill but at least he knows what color shirt Romeo was wearing on page 246 of Act 3, Scene 3. Actually, he doesn't even know that because Learnzillion can't even get basic facts about the books that they are literally paid to create things about. It's pretty sad that these people literally don't even read the books that they are paid to create tests that could decide the entire future of a student's life. If they do read the books, I'm 100% convinced that the creators of the tests have an age in single digit numbers. Your tests challenge students more when they are trying to understand what you just wrote instead of answering the questions. You have 32.5 million dollars to spend and you produce lessons that cost me $60 million in therapy for my children. I hope you're happy because my children definitely aren't. Would not reccomend.

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