Common Core aligned videos easy for students to understand

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LearnZillion is a great website that provides easy to view and understand videos on English language and math topics. The videos are developed by teachers and are tied directly to the Common Core standards. When using this site, I like that I am usually able to find a video to supplement my math lesson in class. When teaching, I sometimes use the video to introduce the math topic or I will use it to further explain what we are discussing in class. However, the only critique I have for this site is that the videos are not always entertaining. My students will sometimes sigh when they see I am showing a LearnZillion video because they like the more engaging and "funny" videos that relate to our class topics. However, they are engaged when they watch these videos and often learn from them.

How I Use It

When I am teaching, I will use this website to introduce or supplement my instruction. I will watch the video prior to using it in class to decide where is best to place it in my lesson depending on the video's content. I have also found it helpful to use a video during a transitional time in my lesson. If I have explained the video's content in my lesson already, then I will play a video for the students. While the students are watching, I can prepare for the next part of my lesson while also making sure students understand the different point of view presented in the video.

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