Organized site w/clear and simple video tutorials on specific standards for each grade level.

Submitted 9 years ago
Sam M.
Sam M.
Keoneula Elementary School
Ewa Beach HI, US
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My Take

I found this tool to be very useful due to its simplicity and organized way of finding specific standards and strands for my grade level. It could serve my students better by offering differentiated lessons to accommodate a variety of learners. Maybe it could also add a practice problem activity within the video so students can engage and interact with the video.

How I Use It

I use it to engage student learning on a new math topic, for example, factor rainbows. I incorporate the video within in my mini lesson of the workshop model. The short videos really help with time management and fit into the workshop model very nicely. I also copy the code for students so they can watch the student video at home with their guardians if they need extra help.