LearnZillion is amazingly helpful in giving students direct, differentiated, self-paced instruction so they can complete projects and practice independently.

Submitted 9 years ago
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My Take

LearnZillion is a great product to give students short, engaging, high-impact lessons on one targeted topic. This makes it very easy to give students their own self-driven work and to differentiate instruction during learning centers so that students can work on projects independently or meet with teachers for small group instruction.

How I Use It

I select LearnZillion videos based on my students' individual needs and learning target mastery. I input selected videos into students' learning platforms and have students watch the videos independently as their "direct instruction" piece of learning. After they view these videos, they move to practice their new knowledge through centers, small group instruction or online games, and then produce a piece of "evidence" to demonstrate mastery. I would not be able to run a student-driven classroom with differentiated instruction where students move at their own pace without LearnZillion!