I'll use these lessons in my flipped classroom!

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If only my textbook were aligned with the common core the way these lessons are! The website is easy to search- I especially like the common core navigator. Lessons take each standard and explore it thoroughly, so that at the end of the lesson set, the standard is mastered. Some standards have multiple lesson sets by different teachers, so you can get a variety of perspectives. Most of the content is free, but there are additional resources available with a subscription. Nearpod sells the same lessons that are free at LearnZillion for a package price. I'm not sure why anyone would pay Nearpod when they get the lessons free at Learnzillion. Currently, the Learnzillion website has lessons for mathematics and English language arts. More lessons are being added every year. Each one is done by a certified professional teacher, so they are very high quality lessons. You can be sure of what you're getting when you assign these lessons to your students!

How I Use It

I plan to use these lessons in my PreCalculus flipped classroom. I will provide the lessons to students through the Canvas learning management system. My students will watch the videos and answer some questions related to them. They will also have them available to review/study for assessments at the end of the chapter. The lessons would also be great tools for a substitute teacher, so that no time is lost when a teacher is away. Also, when students are absent they still receive all the content - no more having to re-explain a lesson or give a private lecture to students who were absent! Just provide the link to the LearnZillion lesson and the student can view the video on their own time. They can pause to take notes, or rewind to listen to the difficult parts again.

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