Quality Teacher Made Videos aligned to the Common Core Standards

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LearnZillion is amazing. To have videos made by other teachers that aligned to the Common Core, it gives you more confidence on what to teach and how to teach it. The fact that each video is only about 5 minutes long is perfect for catering to the student attention spans. Not only does it have videos that teach the Common Core Standards, but it also has practice problems in the math section, as well as Performance Tasks that highlight a few of the Mathematical Practice Standards, giving the students extra supplemental materials, and the teachers resources for teaching it.

How I Use It

I have used LearnZillion in a few different ways. 1) I showed the video in class for the students so that they can see a different way of explaining a concept. The students were engaged, and they walked away understanding the concept more fully. 2) I assigned the videos for homework, and had the students complete the ready-made quizzes that come along with the videos to monitor understanding and ultimately differentiate my instruction based on their scores. 3) I have watched the videos myself to determine how I wanted to teach a topic. 4) Assigned certain videos to various students for remediation, giving the students the one on one attention they need, with them feeling more confident with the information presented. This product is clearly versatile and helpful to both you and your students.

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