Great Visuals For Common Core Lessons!

Submitted 9 years ago
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My Take

I liked that the lessons are visual and students like to learn with the video. Also, I liked that it shows me examples of how common core standards are getting implemented in the classroom. The videos were straightforward and it also helps me understand the common core content needed for my third grade lessons. It is easy to implement if you have a computer and it is easy to use as long you are connected to the Internet. Overall, a great free resource for teachers to use in their classrooms!

How I Use It

First, I use this website to help me prepare for lessons to understand the rigor and knowledge the students need to get the concepts to meet standards. Then, I also use these lessons on my SMARTboard to present common core concepts to my students. I extend the videos with independent practice and assess informally and formally about the concepts on the lessons. Overall, it has helped my students learn the new common core concepts, but with third grade, the lesson needs to be paused to check for understanding and informally assess the students if they are getting the concepts. Also, after awhile, it is not as engaging as the first time they saw it so it takes time to find ways to keep these videos engaging as the first time they saw it with different ways of presenting the material.