One of the Best Common Core Resources!!

Submitted 9 years ago
Laci M.
Laci M.
Broadmoor Elementary School
Lafayette LA, US
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My Take

There are countless ways to utilize LearnZillion with your students! It is even useful for teachers to better understand the Common Core Standards before they teach them. It is easy to use and is great for introducing, reinforcing, or advancing student learning. The videos are concise and clearly present the Common Core Standards.

How I Use It

I have used this whole class as a lesson opener, and I will use this for my students for Response to Intervention because I can assign my students lessons without students knowing what their classmates have been assigned...can you get any more differentiated?? I can also use this to help me reteach, whether to students who do not understand or to students who were absent. The assignments can be individualized for each of my students so that I can determine what lessons they need to best help them. I also really like the notes resource for students to use while watching the videos. It is great to keep them focused as well as can easily be used as an assessment. I love using technology in my classroom because the students love it so much. My students love LearnZillion, and they are learning so much, possibly without even realizing it because they enjoy it so much! LearnZillion is another way for me to reach my students' needs!

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