Nice addition to start or review a lesson.

Submitted 9 years ago
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My Take

I used this last year in my classroom but so far not this year. The kids did like the videos and they are short enough to keep the attention of students who lose focus quickly. I found them to be very simplistic and the explanations were VERY SLOW. A few kids did wander. The attached worksheet was a little difficult for my low level kids to figure out, and the quizzes were very basic. I will probably use it again, but in my lowest level class and as a whole group activity.

How I Use It

I used this predominately for grammar lessons. I would pick a video about a part of speech and use this as the introduction to it. It was a very good starting point because it modeled how to use the part of speech appropriately and some common mistakes. Since the video is short they can only address a few major ideas. I needed to do a more detailed lesson on my own. The kids did look forward to the videos and they were able to remember the major lessons, so all in all a nice addition to a lesson but more is needed for the kids to master the idea presented. For instance the videos on nouns are very basic. The plural noun lesson didn't address irregular plurals and that had to be taught separately.