Great site to get started with JavaScript, Python, and Ruby programming languages.

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Many students would like to learn how to program but do not have teachers with the requisite knowledge to help them. LearnStreet is a free platform where teachers can create classes and assign students lessons and projects to learn JavaScript (an industry standard), Python, and Ruby programming languages. With step-by-step tutorials, students can progress at their own pace. Because it is online, students can also work during their free time. As a teacher who is also learning to program, LearnStreet has better helped me explain programming concepts. I am learning with and from my students as well.

How I Use It

I use LearnStreet to help students that are interested in programming get a head start. Even students as young as grade 5 were able to use LearnStreet.
Since we do not have a formal programming class, I set up an interest group on Edmodo. I can send and monitor LearnStreet lessons to individual students or the entire group as LearnStreet is an app synced with the Edmodo platform. (Note: A teacher does not have to be an Edmodo user to use LearnStreet. In our case, Edmodo helped with classroom management.)
I found that students were encouraged by LearnStreet as they can earn achievements and badges along the way. LearnStreet gave the students a good base, but when they progressed beyond LearnStreet and attempted to design a game, they needed extra resources and support.

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