Lazoo Art Box

Simple drawing tools, prompts, and animations inspire; no save option

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Arts, Creativity

Price: Paid
Platforms: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Pros: Silly and creative imagination prompts will delight kids.

Cons: With no option to save drawings, the enjoyment is limited.

Bottom Line: Cute, simple drawing tool encourages creative expression and wild imaginations.

Lazoo Art Box would work well as a free-play art station. Kids should be allowed enough time to cycle through the different prompts and experiment with different art ideas. Since there's no save option, teachers can't see what kids have created. Instead of reviewing what kids create, have kids reflect on their experience by describing what they did, what the prompts made them think about, and so on. If kids feel attached to their drawings, teachers could potentially help kids take a screenshot to save them, but that won't capture the animation. Kids could also use the prompts as inspiration for creating something with hands-on materials in the classroom. Or use the prompts, and their resulting animations, as inspiration for movement or theatre activities. 

Lazoo Art Box is a basic drawing tool with a few special features. Kids draw and create with a handful of simple art tools and creative prompts. Then, kids press play and watch their drawings come to life in short animations. Drawing tools include chalk, marker, paintbrush, rolling stamp, and stickers. Three categories provide prompts such as "What color should this airplane be?" Kids then color and then watch their creation fly across the screen. Or, draw squiggles on three lollipops to animate them all. There's also a blank canvas, or kids can take a photo and draw on it. The parents' section has some enrichment ideas. 

There are lots of drawing apps for kids out there. Lazoo Art Box is an appealing option because of its simplicity, super kid-friendly design, and its prompts that engage kids without limiting their creative expression. The drawing tools aren't super sophisticated -- an eraser would be a nice addition, for example -- but there's enough variety and color options to please most kids. The free draw option is good for kids who don't want anything influencing their creative process, but the prompts really are the fun part of this app. They have just the right level of inspiration to get creative juices flowing and get kids thinking, but are balanced enough to allow kids to interpret the prompt in whatever way they like. There are sometimes overly insistent directions -- "don't forget to press play" -- while kids draw, but the animations are a fun touch. Kids see their drawings come to life -- for example, an elephant blows blue squiggly smoke from its trunk.

major downfall is that kids can't save their creations. It's quite a disappointment to watch that masterpiece disappear, never to be seen again. And teachers can't easily see what kids have created unless they sit with kids as they draw. Nevertheless, this is a great drawing app to inspire kids to get creative. 

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Kids love to draw, and they'll love using their fingers to make colored lines, roll stamps, or place stickers. Prompts get kids thinking, and animations will delight.


Prompts and outline drawings offer a great creative jump-start. Even with prompts, possibilities are endless and all kinds of drawings produce animations, but there's no persistence to creations.


Drawing is super easy, and there's even a tutorial going into each drawing activity. Prompts get read aloud, so even pre-readers can play along. But there's no save option, which is a big disappointment.

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