Language Adventures is an entertaining tool students can use for Language review.

Submitted 8 years ago
Marla Kay D.
Marla Kay D.
Forest Lake Education Center
Longwood FL, US
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My Take

Overall, I like the app, and plan to use it again next year with my sixth grade students. The ability to have an engaging and quick review of language available for warm-ups and practice is a plus. Students liked the "quiz game show" theme and the encouraging remarks of the animated show host. Practice categories include word analysis, sentence structure and reading comprehension as well as other literary categories. My students enjoyed playing for short periods of time Using the game on a small device becomes difficult when playing for longer time periods or with several team members.

How I Use It

Language Adventures can be used individually or with a small group for a warm-up or center-type activity. I used it for short periods of time, and as a practice or review activity. Students enjoyed the jeopardy-type action in the app, and the choice of categories for each game. Playing as a team is sometimes difficult on a small device.