An engaging reading app? Yes, this is it!

Submitted 2 years ago
Rose B.
Rose B.
Chime Institute's Schwarzenegger Community
Woodland Hills CA, US
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My Take

In a world in which there are thousands of options, I am so pleased to have found a highly effective and engaging tool. It is user-friendly and provides wonderful anecdotal data to the teacher. It's a win-win!

How I Use It

I began to use this program with a 4th-grade student who is on the autism spectrum. Having tried other reading programs, and realizing that he was frustrated by them, I came across this gem after hearing about it from a fellow educational therapist. The student enjoys activities preferred by younger students, so this was a perfect fit for him. He enjoys going to the app on a daily basis and is able to log in on his own. I introduced it recently to a 5-year-old client, and she was captivated as well.