High student engagement given the remote learning environment

Submitted 2 years ago
Riitta C.
Riitta C.
McKay Arts Academy
Fitchburg MA, US
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My Take

I loved Lalilo and it really helped during our first experience given the remote learning environment. It was easy to set up a class, resources provided were relevant, a placement test was adminstered and students were automatically placed in "just right" levels. I appreciated the reports and additional information regarding individual student skill level, which helped me to further develop targeted instruction. Students enjoyed and were motivated by the game like instruction, badges and awards for completing levels. I plan to use it again this upcoming year with my new students.

How I Use It

I used Lalilo during our remote learning as small group instruction in phonics/reading. Students were highly motivated given badges earned as they moved up in levels and skills. Certificates of worlds completed also encouraged motiviation and continued practice. I was able to monitor progress and assign additional practice assignments to support skill development.