Great way to incorporate news & current events into the ESL classroom. My students typically know very little of US current events, and this website has proven to be useful for doing just that in a more interactive way. The multimedia addition is great!

Submitted 7 years ago
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I think that this resource is excellent, so I really can't think of anything negative. My only suggestion is for more resources, but I suppose that is selfish.

How I Use It

I typically find a topic that corresponds to my textbooks' themes, and then use the article or videos to usually build background knowledge or expand understanding. Usually after students have done some sort of comprehension exercises, I organize students into groups to have group discussions on the topic. Because I teach high level ELLs, I haven't really had issues, unless I've chosen a topic that they deem "not interesting". I've also had discussion groups choose their own topic based on themes (e.g, environment) which helps with motivation and autonomy.