Looking for text sets? Look no further. Provides text sets including multimedia on current events.

Submitted 8 years ago
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I wish student could see a "behind the scenes" look at how these sources are found. How do they get them all? How does the journalist write the articles? How do they evaluate the different multimedia resources before publishing them? This might be an interesting look at how analyzing and combining multiple texts is not just something you do at school, but in real life, too.

How I Use It

This website provides text sets that include multimedia, info graphics, and images around current events. The resources are well written and not dumbed down for student consumption, but not over their heads either. I use it as a way of gathering resources for students to evaluate and read. They are able to evaluate how different types of texts present information in a different way. I can also see this being valuable for history/SS class for current events. Many contain educator guides that can help you move through the information.