KidsPost is a current events supplement to your curriculum

Submitted 8 years ago
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Overall, this website - KidsPost - has current events which relate to kids and THAT is the biggest benefit to using this site. The major area that detracts from this is there is no audio which accompanies speeches, or other sections which could use an audio component. The other major area are the constant pop-up and ever-present stationary ads which surround the content where ever you click. This can be a major distraction and while I understand that advertisers are the major source of funding for sites such as these - at least try to make it appropriate for elementary students. One of the ads had to do with prostrate health and while that is an important topic, it is not something that should be popping up on a KIDS site. There are also reviews under some of the articles and not all of them use age appropriate topics or wording. I would encourage my students to use the current events articles and games / activities. To my colleagues I would recommend using the current events section as a useful area because of readability and interest.

How I Use It

KidsPost is a current events website which features games, news, contests, puzzles, and fun activities. Students can click on a variety of articles, photographs, or other links to activities. The articles relate to elementary - middle school range of students. Once a site user clicks on an article, the readability is appropriate for middle elementary aged students. Children will also find the photography area interesting since the captions underneath are written as mini-stories. For those students who are looking for reading recommendations, this section of the website is extremely helpful. I know that students would like to see what options are available to them, and these short reviews truly bring the books to life. Lastly, all elementary students would find the section on games / puzzles and art work to be interesting and highly engaging (also educational!).