This is good for an additional resource for students and teachers.

Submitted 9 years ago
Amber H.
Amber H.
Monroe City Middle School
Monroe City MO, US
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My Take

This is great to have an option to see other videos and hear material explained in a different way. I also like the option to do practice problems and give students feedback. While I mainly use my own videos in my class, Khan Academy is a great resource for supplemental material.

How I Use It

I like to use Khan Academy for supplementary material or to provide students with another resource. I certainly would not suggest replacing curriculum with Khan Academy, but I do feel it is a great supplementary resource. I have some students at various levels pulled from my classroom working with paras. Khan Academy has served as a great resource to not only support the students, but the paras as well as it may have been awhile since they have learned various materials.