Engaging assessment tool if you can tolerate unbridled student enthusiasm.

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Howard G.
Howard G.
Media Specialist
K–12 school
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I use Kahoot! in my school library with 1st grade through 5th grade students. You may find that your students actually beg to play. I create my own quizzes, or scour the extensive, searchable collection of quizzes shared by other teachers. Most students are enthusiastically engaged in the quizzes. Due to the competitive nature of the platform, some students may get frustrated or upset when they do not do well against their peers. Classes can get very loud when playing, so an issue you may want to tackle up front is training students to respond in quiet ways when they answer questions correctly. I demonstrate a variety of "silent celebrations", such as throwing their hands in the air or snapping when they answer correctly.

How I Use It

Kahoot! is one of my go-to tools for assessing and reinforcing student learning in a fun, gamified way.