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Submitted 4 years ago
Kate A.
Kate A.
K–12 school
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I've NEVER had a student complain about a Kahoot day! Over all, it's a fun way to review any subject - check it out!

How I Use It

Kahoot is an awesome way to engage students in middle and high school. It basically turns their cell phones into a game show controller so they can compete in a trivia contest against their classmates.

Kahoot has a ton of pre-made games for all subjects - academic as well as some fun categories. They have an easy-to-use search feature, or if you want, you can create your own questions. Everything is free both both teacher and students, although teachers will have to create an account. There is an optional app for easier student access, or kids can simply go to the website.

As a review activity, students can work with a partner to create their own Kahoots. Assign each group a different topic, and then you can play them together as a class the next day. It's also an easy substitute plan.