Beautiful, Engaging App for Geometry

Submitted 9 years ago
Jason J.
Jason J.
Cabell County Schools
Huntington WV, US
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My Take

The Elements game engages students highly and provides a stunning visual interface to maintain that engagement. The lesson outline provided on the website delivers information to teachers and parents for using the app with children. The games lay a foundation for geometry that assists children with concepts, but need additional supports that scaffold learners during the process.

How I Use It

I introduced a few of the geometric principles to a small group and discussed their knowledge. I then had the group work through the Elements levels. The group solved many of the initial challenges quickly, but stumbled and required assistance to complete levels as they continued into the more difficult ones. Some of the group said they needed some hints that the app did not provide. The app does provide practice at the beginning of each stage, but the prompts could be clearer per the group.