Great practice for any student, excellent for differentiation.

Submitted 9 years ago
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The great thing about IXL are the improvements they have made in the program. With the work they have done, there is explanation for students as they work their ugh the problems adding to their learning potential. Students who are goal oriented will work with intensity in order to reach the next level, while students who need encouragement, will work to gain accolades in order to improve self esteem. This program makes it easy to assign work that is differentiated for ability while being aligned with the standards. It also allows student to explore advanced concepts on their own as a way of pushing higher level thinkers forward with their math skills.

How I Use It

In my classroom and school, IXL school wide as a tool to improve skill, encourage differentiation, allow for exploration of concepts, and to encourage students in need of reinforcement to practice the skills they need while gaining new confidence. I use this with my class to challenge my GT students by pushing them ahead of the class in their mathematical endeavors. I encourage students to take the time to read about concepts that they are struggling with in order to improve their work and get the information another way. I use the program for homework and as a resource for parents when the "new" math is making them crazy. I also use it as a method of assessing where students are in terms of maintaining or growing new skills. The program allows me to track student progress and know which students are doing what they need to and which are not.