Math practice for remedial and advanced learners

Submitted 8 years ago
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This website is for extra math practice (they have language arts now too!) with some support. It doesn't box students in one grade. If you have an advanced student they can work a grade above and students who need extra support can get remedial support in the grade below. When a student gets an answer wrong, it shows the answer and explains why it is correct. . . If the student takes the time to read it! This makes it less helpful for younger grades (and ELL's) because it does not have an option to read directions aloud to you. It does cost money which is the major downside. There are no games, just practice. While some students might get bored with it, my students (6th and 2nd) still love it and are engaged. They get awards for practice and a cool board with silly icons.

Bottom line: This is just basic math and language arts practice, but sometimes that is what you need!

How I Use It

I use this website for additional support when time permits. I allow students to go to this website when they finish a math lesson early. I also take the whole class to the computer lab to practice a concept that they all need some additional support in (Like money or fractions) and let them know exactly what skill and category to work on. It is also great for students to work on at home. I can see in the teacher section what they have worked on and what struggles I can see per student and for the whole class.