Great formative assessment tool!

Submitted 8 years ago
Chris G.
Chris G.
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My Take

InfuseLearning is a great tool to use with students and teachers. The speech feature allows questions and responses to be read to students. Images can be inserted to stimulate thinking. It is self-paced and immediate feedback comes to the instructor as to what questions are being answered correctly, how much time is being taken to answer questions, etc. The Quick Assessment feature allows for exit ticket responses or simple check for understanding as a class progresses through content.

How I Use It

I have used InfuseLearning with adults in training sessions I've conducted as a means of review/activating prior knowledge or to gauge levels of understanding on content I've prepared to deliver. It has worked very well as it provides me with information on the front end of a workshop in designing what the day will contain to meet my audience's learning needs. Sometimes, I've experienced connection issues with InfuseLearning, which slows down the presentation and causes some frustration.