Easy to use tool for quick formative assessments.

Submitted 9 years ago
Chad S.
Chad S.
Perris High School
Perris CA, US
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Infuse learning allows your kids to take quick assessments via a device connected to the internet. Our district moved to a 1:1, which means all of our kids have a Chromebook that is connected to the internet. You are able to create a true/false, multiple choice, short answer, even free draw question and have your students respond instantly. Results are immediately viewable.

How I Use It

This is great for checking understanding. It eliminates the problem of the shy kid in the back who never raises his hand. This tool encourages everyone to participate and gives the teacher a much more accurate picture of who is comprehending the material and who is not. I use this as a ticket out the door. As class is wrapping up, I can ask a question regarding what we have learned and have my students respond before they leave. Using this data, I can determine if the class needs more review of the topic for tomorrow, if they're ready to move on, or pinpoint students who may need remediation.