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Easily assess student progress with flexible BYOD platform

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Pros: An ideal, easy-to-use platform for quick, real-time, in-class assessment for classrooms with 1-to-1 devices.

Cons: While flexible, InfuseLearning is designed to work in classes where every student has access to his or her own tablet or smartphone -- this isn't always possible.

Bottom Line: It provides creative ways to engage students with their own devices while allowing teachers to gain real-time assessment data.

Looking for real-time assessment opportunities to make lectures more interactive? You'll appreciate InfuseLearning's tools. Additionally, it's great for guiding young learners directly to specific sites on the Internet; they won't have to aimlessly search. For differentiating instruction, InfuseLearning’s self-paced quizzes offer multiple features: Questions can be read aloud in English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and French. Students work at their own pace, and teachers can see who is online and easily track student progress and quickly correct student misconceptions in the classroom.


Editor's Note: InfuseLearning stopped service on April, 2015 and is no longer available.

InfuseLearning is a website that allows teachers to facilitate personalized learning for students on any device. First, you'll set up an account at the website. Students are then enrolled in your course via their own laptop, tablet, or mobile device via a classroom code and their name. You then can use the interface to ask formative assessment questions including true/false, multiple-choice, or short-answer prompts. The interface allows for full-blown quizzes or more on-the-fly assessments similar to poll or clicker systems. Additionally, you can assess student understanding via the drawing feature.

Quizzes are easy to design and share among students and other teachers. InfuseLearning also features a translate function that will translate quiz content in text and in audio to meet the needs of ELL students. Quizzes can eventually be shared socially via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or email, but this feature wasn't available at time of this review. InfuseLearning's flexible interface can be used with any content, even with the youngest learners.

If you're familiar with classroom response systems, you'll find the interface easy to use, and it looks just as good across all devices. The main feature that sets InfuseLearning apart from similar sites is its use of visual assessments: Not only can kids submit drawings through the interface, but teachers can easily share images or websites as well. For example, a science teacher might share a graph via the InfuseDraw tool, and students could collaboratively mark on the image, highlight trends in a graph, or note important aspects of the water cycle. The Sorting feature is also useful for organizing info on a timeline, such as important events leading up to the Revolutionary War.

Its flexible toolbox, along with the easy-to-read data displays, are the real strength of InfuseLearning. It's an excellent option for schools and classrooms who have implemented BYOD policies. The “bad word” filter and translation features support teachers who may be struggling to manage both students and technology. While some teachers might prefer to have static question banks to help write quizzes, InfuseLearning really focuses on creating a community that facilitates sharing of assessment questions between teachers. That's nice.

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The interface allows kids to draw some of their responses, which is a totally engaging feature. However, overall engagement is largely dependent on the ways in which the instructor employs prompts and assessment questions.


You can get real-time results about where student understanding is at a given moment. The various response genres are supported by the best practices in assessment, and you can easily adapt quiz content.


The site features multiple user guides, troubleshooting forums, and the ability to share quizzes on multiple social channels.

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Great Assessment Tool that Fits the Needs for a Wide Variety of Learners

Infuse Learning is a great teaching tool that has a variety of question types to assess a wide variety of learners. The ability to have the text read aloud to students is what makes Infuse different from other assessment tools out there. I have run into issues with getting the students connected to the classroom and staying connected. However, I have contacted Infuse about this and they responded promptly to my concerns. In the future, I would love to see a way for students to access Infuse Learning quizzes without having the teacher signed into their computer, so students could work on these at home. I would also like to see the ability to save progress in an assessment and finish it later, this would require students to have their own login information though. Finally, it would be nice if teachers could share assessments they have created with other teachers so they could use them with their class. Overall, Infuse Learning is a wonderful assessment tool that I have recommended to many of my colleagues.

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