Showcase students abilities with agumented reality

Submitted 7 years ago
Alessandra M.
Alessandra M.
Spanish Teacher K-5 / Technology Innovator
Marymount of Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara CA, US
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As a Foreign Language teacher I can see how I could create Auras for the vocabulary I plan to teach and allow for students to explore with their devices around the classroom. It would be helpful to have a way to distribute the Auras to parents, and other devices without using a public display.

How I Use It

After third great students created a video in which they expressed in Spanish their names, ages, place of birth, and where they live. I requested that they take a picture of themselves, and we created the Auras, that can be scanned with other students. The students were amazed and eager to see their Aura over and over again, and also to explore their classmates Auras.

The App, has some glitches that made the production process slow, and since I am using it with 3rd graders, I had to keep the Auras private, and in order to students to be able to see their classmates Auras using their tablets, I had to e-mail all the auras to all 24 tablets in my classroom. However worthy the enthusiasm of the students, and I look forward the parents' reactions on back to school night.