Great way to "hang" multimedia on a bulletin board!

Submitted 8 years ago
Chris C.
Chris C.
Heathcote School
Scarsdale NY, US
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My Take

I don't see it so much as a teaching tool but as a publishing tool. It's easy for a student to write an essay and hang it up for someone to see, but a more dynamic project is much harder to share. Aurasma excited the students when I showed it to them at the beginning of the project because they knew their videos would live on, be watched and enjoyed, as long as the pictures were up, they knew their work would be visible beyond the unit of study and the singular class walls. That was an amazing motivating factor, energizing the students to create amazing videos knowing they weren't just to fill a requirement.

How I Use It

I use Aurasma as the next level of the QR code. Students created "book trailers" in iMovie, essentially movie traler style advertisements for the books they were reading. They created amazing trailers and loved sharing with the class. The follow up question they had was "what now?" They wanted to know what would happen to the videos. We took photos of every student holding their book. Those pictures became the trigger for the movie file we uploaded to Aurasma. Now, anyone can walk the halls of our school and put the app over a student's picture and their video will play. We have created a bulletin board out of paper that is able to play videos. The students, staff, and parents are all in love with the app and it's ability to make multimedia projects more easily sharable and accessible within the traditional hallway bulletin board dynamic.