Can be used for Elementary, but scanners need to have an account first!

Submitted 8 years ago
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The only issue I have with Aurasma is that each person creates there own page. We have a general one for the school but we don't want the students changing the settings on that particular one so teachers have to create their own. It's more complicated then scanning a QR code because the scanner first has to have an Aurasma account in order to scan.

How I Use It

Aurasma can be used in a variety of ways. The notes above indicate it is a product for older students however I have had elementary teachers use this product in a variety of ways. Third grade teachers created a poster board of videos. Each video popped up when you scanned the student's picture. The video of the student explained their take on the project.

I've also scanned the internet for freebie Aurasma creations that teachers have already set up. There are a variety, mostly on science topics. We used an amazing butterfly unit that allowed the elementary student scan the stage of the butterfly life cycle which loaded a video showing that stage of the cycle.

We also created a video of our Digital Learning Commons and linked it to our logo so that tours can scan on the ipad and watch what we are doing all year long.