Aurasma- Use this app to make book trailers come to life!

Submitted 8 years ago
Melanie G.
Melanie G.
Forestbrook Middle School
Myrtle Beach SC, US
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My Take

I think it is a little confusing at first to get comfortable with Aurasma and students have a few steps in the initial process in order to be able to correctly scan the images. A little front load of information is not that big of a deal though, when you consider that it makes a dusty book on the shelf come to life for our students. I highly recommend this product and plan to continue to use and teach students to use this product!

How I Use It

This app takes a little time to get used to it, but once you present it to your students, they will be hooked! I use this in the media center to make the book trailers and my books come to life for the students. I post links throughout the library and students can use ipads (or any device with a QR reader) and the book trailer comes straight to their device. It is amazing and students love it!