Hackety Hack is a wonderful concept that falls short.

Submitted 9 years ago
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My Take

The concept and layout of Hackety Hack seemed like a wonderful idea. We found it to be helpful and informative to learn the Ruby Programming Language. <br><br>

The problems with the boxes not showing up or the code not working when we followed the instructions, frustrated the students and the teacher.<br><br>

My recommendation is to try it. If you do not have the problems we did, you will be very happy with the educational value of Hackety Hack.

How I Use It

I used this program with my Middle School students. I am incorporating more programming into our technology curriculum. Ruby is an easy to learn language, especially using Shoes as the GUI interface. The tour and lessons are self explanatory. This software can be used as a group, individual, or whole class instruction. <br><br>

The lessons were set up in a very logical way to understand the Ruby Programming Language. I liked the concept, but we had problems with the software. We followed the lesson code exactly but at times the program would not work or shut down. It happened on various machines in the lab.