Take virtual field trips anywhere in the world

Submitted 8 years ago
Dana O.
Dana O.
Instructional Technology Integrator
North Allegheny School District
Pittsburgh PA, US
My Rating

My Take

Overall I highly recommend this teaching tool. It works in any content area for both whole group instruction and for students to investigate individually. The site provides students [almost] real-life perspectives of the world. I hope that Google continues to build their Featured Locations areas, because those are the best part of the website.

How I Use It

This is an app I recommend to all of the teachers I work with across all content areas. Google has put together fantastic content across the globe that can be pulled into nearly any curricular unit. I highly recommend looking at the "Treks" and/or Featured Locations as they have incredible content pulled together in videos, 360 degree images, and facts that are easy to read and understand. I personally used this in the "hook" of a lesson on ancient Egypt. The featured locations added by Google are top notch, but not all of these 360 degree images can be created equal as anyone (even students!) can upload a view to the site.