Google Drive - What a Difference a Drive Makes

Submitted 6 years ago
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My Take

This tool is amazing and has made such a positive difference in my classroom. Its use with Google Classroom has made creating, conducting and handing in assignmenst for my self and students even easier than ever before. I am currently teaching a sixth grade Technology/Library class and they have adapted well to doing all their assignments online. There is no trouble with lost or missing assignments. The students are extremely engaged and eager to learn each day. The students have had very little trouble using the tools; even those with limited computer experience. Grading has become a snap, and can be done wherever and whenever. The entire process has been an amazing experience for me and my students, as well as other colleagues who are following my lead in utilizing this wonderful addition to teaching. I can't believe that all these tools are free, and the implementation and integration hasn’t been nearly as difficult as I originally anticipated. I can't say anything negative at this point, and am hopeful that I can spread the Google love.

How I Use It

I currently use Google Drive in conjunction with Google Classroom to teach my grade 6 technology class. This product assists me in running a virtual classroom. It is extremely easy for my students to use and helps them complete assignments in a timely manner. We are able to communicate through email as a classroom community. Another positive aspect is that it has simplified grading procedures, as well as made it easy to track missing student assignments. I have been able to return assignments that needed to be re-done, and have them re-submitted to me in a timely manner.