Holding students accountable...minus the stress!

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One thing that I do not like about Google Drive is it is confusing how to send to a group. The majority of the time I have used it, I send assignments/whatever is needed to students individually. Besides that issue, Google Drive is great because it allows kids to have access to assignments/projects both at school and at home. In the past I have only used a “hand-out” folder available to students on our school’s network. This issue with that, which is solved by Google Drive, is that the handout was only available at school. I could put the file on Edline but students would still need to edit the assignment, save it to a flash drive, and remember to take it to school. Drive allows all of this to be done via one tool/website.

How I Use It

Google Drive is one of my new favorite teaching tools! After surveying my students and their parents and seeing that all students have some (even if minimal) access to the Internet at home, I knew that this tool would be key to my teaching this year. Any work that is to be typed MUST be saved in the students drive. This now eliminates any excuses of forgetting to print a paper, losing or forgetting their flash drive, etc. One way I have been using this tool is to have kids peer edit. Students can no longer say they can’t read another student's’ handwriting. One reason I like this tool for peer editing is that students can choose who they would like to share the document with and have that person be the peer editor. Peer editing becomes easy because students can choose a different color text and add comments. Another way this tool has been used in my classroom is to create, save, and work on presentations. This makes kids pay closer attention to what is happening because someone could make changes in an instant. I feel that Google Drive definitely holds kids more accountable.

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